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We built our fences TOUGH! So what is meant by TOUGH?

This is the standard of work Tony expects all staff to follow and trains them in how to put up the strongest fences that will last well.  Therefore with each job we go through the following procedures so we fully understand how to make your fence TOUGH and built to last.

1. Correct Specification of Fence

Sounds simple?  You would be amazed at the amount of wrongly specified fences we come across - normally picking them up to fit a Perrett TOUGH fence!  Therefore, we like to come out and meet you, then listen what the purpose of your new fence is.  Once the purpose is known we will consider such variables as soil type, wind speed and size of animals it needs to keep in and then quote you for a Perrett designed TOUGH fence.

A simple example of understanding the purpose of a fence is to think of a post and rail fence designed to keep horses.  The post and rail fencing design should be a stronger design, then that of a post and rail fence around a garden which is there to look aesthetically pleasing but takes no rubbing pressure!  


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2. Fencing Material Sourcing

Firstly like us, we know our customers want the best value for money, so we always quote for a fence by looking at it as the best investment for your money.  Therefore, by using quality materials we know that the added time the fence or gate will last will more than pay for itself in the future. 

The simple reason behind this is approximately 50% of contract fencing costs are in labour, tools and machinery.  Therefore the small difference in sourcing good quality materials over pool quality we believe is more than justified. 

Quality is remembered, long after price has been forgotten.


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3. Weakest Link – joins in fences

All fences have joins in them, if these are not joined correctly the fence will become weak and lose function.  Tony's experience of joining  wood, wire, steel and metal has been taught to our team who take pride in every join we do on a fence – even become a competitive sport on who has the neatest and strongest finish!  By getting every join correct we ensure your fence remains tight and hardy.

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4. Think TOUGH

Whatever Tony or his team are doing, from hanging gates to installing a beautiful chestnut posts, we think TOUGH.  Therefore, we go that extra mile to ensure you get the best fence that will last and be a credit to you and us when we finish.  It has been our tradition since 1996 and we have no plans on stopping.

Chestnut Posts (1)


5. Workmanship

We may work to TOUGH standards but we believe in honesty, hard work and customer satisfaction.  Therefore you can be sure when you meet us we will be welcoming, good-humoured and wanting to do the best by you. 

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