Barb Wire Fencing


3 strad barb wire fence


We supply and install a full range of barb wire fences to our TOUGH standards. Barb wire was one of the first wire fences available to keep cattle in and patented way back in 1867 – it has truly stood the test of time and remains popular choice with many of our farmers and landowners today.

Barb wire was traditionally used to fence cattle in, however can be adapted to keep the majority of 4 legged animals in, along with the use of stockmesh. The advantage of barb wire is you can fence and forget as no routine maintenance is required, many of customers allow the fence to grow into a hedge to make a solid boundary.



  • Choice of fence post materials - Creosote, tanalised or chestnut
  • Spacing of fence posts and type of fence support used.
  • Number of wires and spacing.
  • Type of wire either High Tensile barb wire or Mild Steel barb wire

    Why Us:

    - Owners of Perrett Fencing are from a farming background and understand livestock and their handling requirements.

    - Proven track records of good stock fencing over 20 years – reference available

    - Only will use the best materials for your budget to give you better value for money
    - Only use the strongest methods of installation thanks to years of experience and continue of training – TOUGH standards
    - Have award winning equipment to install fencing accurately
    - Low ground pressure equipment to keep your soil in good health
    - Staff compete annually at National Stock Fencing Competition to be amongst the best in the UK
    - Free expert advice and quotation




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