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Electric Fencing


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We supply and install a full range of Electric Fencing to our TOUGH standards for all livestock across any distances. It can be one of the most efficient system to install as we can cover large distances quickly with our specialist machinery and thus keeps fitting cost low. However, all electric fences need maintenance to prevent them shorting out mainly on hedges or grass so this cost has to be taken into account before fitting


Electric fencing for Cows
One of the most cost efficient ways to do internal boundaries of your dairy farm. We can supply and install a full system including the electric fencer (energiser) run from either 240v main, 12v battery or a full solar system.


Electric Fencing for Horses
Using either tape, rope or now electric rails we can design and install a system to keep even the most challenge stallion in.


Electric fencing for Chickens
Keep the chickens in and the predators out! We have done quite a few project on free range poultry farms using electric fencing as a barrier along with netting. The wires prevent foxes and badgers from jumping over or digging under.


Electric fencing for Pigs
The majority of systems for pigs use movable electric fence systems, which we can help supply and install for you. On the perimeter of the area we can do a solid electric fence which provides a ring main for any paddocks you wish to install.




Why Us:


- Owners of Perrett Fencing are from a farming background and understand livestock and their handling requirements.

- Proven track records of good electric fencing over 20 years – reference available

- Only will use the best materials for your budget to give you better value for money
- Only use the strongest methods of installation thanks to years of experience and continue of training – TOUGH standard = Box struts and termination knots as standard
- Have award winning equipment to install fencing accurately
- Low ground pressure equipment to keep your soil in good health
- Free expert advice and quotation




Project 1 – Nigel Vickery
Project 2 – Horse Electric fencing