Post and Rail Fencing


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We supply and install a full range of post and rail fencing to our TOUGH standards across Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire.   

Nothing beats the look and strength of post and rail fencing.  Favoured for years for horse fencing, driveway enterances and where you need to guarantee animals cannot escape. It really is one of the strongest and most beautiful solutions in fencing - when done well.


Creosote, Tanalised, Chestnut, Oak and iron 

Square cut or round timber.

Number of rails and spacings

Choice of  adding mesh, barb wire and electric fencing to increase security.


Our TOUGH Standards for Post and Rail Fencing

Stagger rail joins across post where possible - to keep fence strong and reduce warping and twisting of fence

6 screws on each rail - holds the rail tight into the post

Post knocked in firm and straight - take our time to get the posts right

Accurate cuts on rails - if needed stops water ingress for longevity.




Owners of Perrett Fencing are from a farming background and understand livestock and their handling requirements.

Developed our own TOUGH Standard we work too.

- Proven track records of good stock fencing over 20 years – reference available

- Only will use the best materials for your budget to give you better value for money
- Only use the strongest methods of installation thanks to years of experience and continue of training – TOUGH standard = Box struts and termination knots as standard
- Have award winning equipment to install fencing accurately
- Low ground pressure equipment to keep your soil in good health
- Staff compete annually at National Stock Fencing Competition to be amongst the best in the UK
- Free expert advice and quotation



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