Stock Mesh Fencing


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For a solid all-purpose stock fence, we recommend using stockmesh for your farm fences. Different designs of stockmesh are available to keep in a wide variety of farm livestock in. Stock fencing can be used to divide fields and separate livestock, or as a protective barrier between fields and roads, railway lines and footpaths


There are quite a few suppliers of stockmesh but for out TOUGH standard of stockfencing we quote with Tornado wire – we believe from experience it is the best available on the market currently and ensure the best value for money – to read more about Tornado wire please visit their website here -


A typical stock fencing specification to keep in cattle and sheep comprises of stocknetting with two strands of barb wire above.  This gives an overal fence height of around 1.2 meters.  We can however customise this with different materials dependant on stock pressure, ground conditions and how straight the line is.   


High Tensile Stockmesh Fencing

Our preference on large straight runs is to use High Tensile wire which holds it’s tension better than mild steel and as it can be fitted tighter which requires less posts to hold the wire – therefore reduce cost per meter while still maintaining a stronger fence.


Mild Steel Stockmesh Fencing

For short runs with many changes of gradients and corners we use mild steel wire as this can stretch to the bumps and humps it has to go over e.g. an old ridge and furrow field or up steep inclines of Dorset’s chalk hills.


Why Us:


- Owners of Perrett Fencing are from a farming background and understand livestock and their handling requirements.

- Proven track records of good stock fencing over 20 years – reference available

- Only will use the best materials for your budget to give you better value for money
- Only use the strongest methods of installation thanks to years of experience and continue of training – TOUGH standard = Box struts and termination knots as standard
- Have award winning equipment to install fencing accurately
- Low ground pressure equipment to keep your soil in good health
- Staff compete annually at National Stock Fencing Competition to be amongst the best in the UK
- Free expert advice and quotation




Whole farm fenced - Wirth Estate near Bruton, Somerset

Stockfencing - Langford Vet Farm, North Somerset



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