We offer the following useful countryside serices which often go hand in hand with our fencing service:


  • Fence Removal and Clearance

With our John Deere loader tractor and tracked post knockers we can quickly and efficently remove your old fence and put into piles of wood, wire and concrete.  If you require this to be removed we are a licenced waste operators and can arrange this to be leagally recycled and diposed for you.


  • Hedge Trimming

We have a High Reach Mcconnel Hedge Trimmer with heavy duty flails that runs on our John Deere tractor capable of taming the majority of hedges.  This is very useful to run through a fence line to insure the fence is as tight to the bondary as possible.


  • Flail Topping

We have a heavy duty tractor driven flail topper that is 3m wide which can handle rough paddocks, tall bushes and shubs to knock land back into shape.  


  • Groundwork and Landscaping Work

For small works we use a 2.5t mini digger to clear ditches and shape land.  If large groundworks are required with work with a few top companies that we can recommend in your area.  This includes installing horse areanas built to the best standard.